Tacoma Underground Leaks


Are you looking for a company that specializes in detecting underground leaks in Tacoma, WA or its nearby communities? Look no further than Thriftway Plumbing. We can help you detect and repair Tacoma underground leaks.

Underground leaks, if left ignored, can cause a great deal of damage to your residence or place of work. Luckily, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to detect Tacoma underground leaks quickly and efficiently.

Choose us for:

  • Drain leak detection
  • Property management leak detection
  • Emergency leak detection
  • Emergency leak service

Once our technicians have located Tacoma underground leaks, we can also repair them. We utilize cutting edge equipment and technology to fix underground leaks without creating any mess or causing any damage.

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Tacoma Underground Plumbing Leak


Finding a Tacoma underground plumbing leak can prevent water wastage as well as property damage. If you notice a sudden spike in your water bill without an apparent reason, you may have a Tacoma underground plumbing leak. It is a good idea to call us. Neglecting an underground plumbing leak can result in a wide range of problems that requires expensive repairs.

Fortunately, our Tacoma underground plumbing leak detection experts can find and resolve this problem fast.

Our services include:

  • Water leak detection
  • Slab leak detection
  • Leak testing
  • Leak detecting

When it comes to locating a Tacoma underground plumbing leak, it is better to schedule this service as soon as possible. You can count on our technicians for fast, reliable services. We have the technology and skills to identify the source of the problem and make the necessary fixes.

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Tacoma Underground Pipe Leak


Let our technicians identify and stop a Tacoma underground pipe leak so your monthly water bills can go back to normal. We are a licensed and experienced plumbing company helping our customers with Tacoma underground pipe leak detection and repair services.

We can handle Tacoma underground pipe leak detection jobs of almost all scopes and sizes. By using state of the art equipment and methods, we are able to locate the underground pipe leak with minimal disruption to our clients. Once the leak is located, we can also offer:

  • Water pipe repair
  • Copper pipe leak repair
  • Leaking pipes repair
  • Slab leak repair

We are truly your one-stop company for Tacoma underground pipe leak detection and repair services. We are confident that you will be fully satisfied with the quality of our leak detection and repair.

Call Thriftway Plumbing for Tacoma underground pipe leak services.

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