Leak Detection Issaquah


Guaranteed leak detection services for the residents of Issaquah!

Water is one of the most precious commodities on the planet, but hundreds of gallons of water are wasted every day in cities much like Issaquah.

The surprise comes from the fact that this wastage often goes unnoticed by even the most conscientious of homeowners.

Thriftway Plumbing is proud to present its team of certified plumbing experts to the residents of Issaquah.

Our leak detection services will accommodate any size of leak, no matter how big or small.

Thriftway Plumbing’s expert technicians use the latest in leak detection technology to accurately pinpoint any leak in your plumbing system, helping you to not only save water, but save money and avoid unnecessary property damage as well.

Even a minor plumbing leak can become extremely costly, showing up as increased utility bill amounts.

Ignoring such leaks is commonplace, but not repairing them can lead to thousands of dollars worth of damages brought on by flooding, cracks in the walls and flooring and even foundation damage.

Modern construction often involves piping systems that are not very readily accessible.

Small leaks can often go undetected for extended periods of time, maybe even up to several months, which could result in a significant loss of water over that time period, leading to higher utility bills.

This also means an increased difficulty in accessing and repairing leaks in those pipes.

Water Leak Detection Issaquah


Leaks may develop in plumbing systems due to various reasons:

  • Physical Damage
  • Corrosion of piping
  • Amateur plumbing installations
  • Increased Water Pressure
  • Inferior quality materials
  • Sudden changes in temperatures

Staffing a team of some of Puget Sound’s most experienced plumbing technicians, Thriftway Plumbing brings to Issaquah prompt and professional services, customized to suit their financial needs fully while providing the most efficient and durable solutions.

Underground Leak Detection Issaquah


Thriftway Plumbing’s proven underground leak detection techniques coupled with state-of the-art equipment and the experience and expertise of our plumbers, means that any leak, no matter how trivial or complex, can be identified quickly, cost effectively and accurately.

Whether a minor water leak or full blown flooding, all of our underground leak detection experts are fully certified and trained to the highest possible standard, with over 30 years experience in underground leak detection.