Drain Cleaning Federal Way


Most home and business owners have experienced or seen signs of a clogged drain.

Frequently, slow draining or a clogged drain is a result of build-up over time from hair, grease, oil and soap particles, and is evident in:

  • Sinks and dishwashers
  • Bathtubs
  • Basement drains
  • Drain hoses and lines
  • Garbage disposals

Whether you require drain and repair services above or below ground, we can inspect your pipe drains and assess the need for drain pipe repair or basement re-piping services.

If it is apparent that sewer drain cleaning is required as a result of sewer line failure, leak detection or sewer line inspection is essential prior to performing sewer line work. Evidence of a need for sewer drain cleaning includes constant leaks, drain and sewage back-ups.

Call Thriftway Plumbing for repair of all types of above ground and sewer repair services.

Clogged Drain Federal Way


There are usually signs of a clogged drain such as water back up out of a drain or toilet, or pooling of water around the floor drain, slowly draining water, or even raw sewage odor.

When the clog in the drain builds up and water is unable to enter your plumbing system, it slowly backs up into your home or business causing extensive secondary damages. These clogs are frequently the result of:

  • Grease that is poured into a sink
  • Food particles washed down the drain
  • Paper products that fail to break down
  • Hair buildup in pipes

If it is a main line problem, all areas of plumbing inside the home will be affected. That may be the result of tree roots clogging the main sewer lines, collapsed sewer pipes or sewer line corrosion requiring sewer drain cleaning and repair of sewer line damage.

We are experts in the field of sewer drain inspection, sewer drain cleaning and repair of all types of sewer line damage. Call today and let us solve your sewer line problems.

Sewer Drain Cleaning Federal Way


A homeowner’s worst nightmare can be a broken drain line that handles the waste water from the home to the sewer system.

If you have a plugged or clogged drain, we have all of the pr+++ofessional sewer drain cleaning tools, including diagnostic equipment to restore proper drain flow quickly and efficiently.

As plumbing experts with years of experience in assessing slow flowing drains and sewer line clearing, you can call on us to handle all of types of cleaning needs, including:

  • Drain line cleaning
  • A clogged drain or toilet
  • Sewer line cleaning
  • Video camera inspections for locating the cause
  • Drain line replacement

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