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Thriftway Plumbing has been a local Fife plumber for over 30 years. We have not only time and memories invested in the Fife area, but also it helps us to know the city’s history. Plumbing-Fife

The more your Fife plumber knows about how the houses in your neighborhood were built, the better we can serve your plumbing repair needs, should an emergency arise.

We have plumbing repair crews in the Fife vicinity nearly every day, and also offer emergency plumbing repair service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is especially handy for those unfortunate occasions when your plumbing decides to start leaking in the middle of the night, or on a holiday. Because everyone knows, although its never convenient to have a plumbing emergency, it does always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. For all your emergency plumbing needs, call Thriftway Plumbing today!

In the city of Fife however, not every plumbing need is an emergency. Sometime it could just be old plumbing that is starting to wear out. Or maybe it is a plumbing joint that has started leaking due to age or vibration. No matter what type of plumbing repair need you have, your local Fife plumber is just a phone call away. Plumbing-Repair-Fife-WA

Although Thriftway Plumbing is not the only one plumbing Fife, We do pride ourselves in being the best. With our ties to the neighborhood, and our plumbing repair crews that are straight from the area, we feel that we can give Fife the most for its dollar. And with our emergency plumbing repair service, we can be there for you night or day, whenever you should need us. 

Call your local Fife plumber today for all your plumbing repair needs. You’ll get prompt service at an affordable price, that’s done right the first time.