Kirkland Underground Leaks


When it comes to locating underground leaks in Kirkland, WA properties, Thriftway Plumbing is the expert to rely on. Finding the root cause of an underground pipe leak can be tricky. With the damaged pipes lying buried deep in the earth, Kirkland underground leaks often go undetected for quite a long time.

By the time water stains or puddles become visible on the floor or yard, the Kirkland underground leaks may have already done a lot of property damage. It is best to call us to locate an underground plumbing leak early on by observing signs like the unexplained sound of running water and sudden hike in water bills.

Though most Kirkland underground leaks start small, the problem can aggravate soon if left to linger. Contact us immediately to minimize your hassles from:

  • Slab leaks
  • Foundation leaks
  • Sewer leaks
  • Underground water line leaks

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Kirkland Underground Plumbing Leak


We send in highly knowledgeable, trained and experienced plumbers for Kirkland underground plumbing leak checks in your property. Our company has invested in cutting-edge tools and technologies for detecting and repairing underground leaks.

The objective with which we handle your Kirkland underground plumbing leak problem is to resolve it in a non-invasive and cost-efficient manner. Our plumbers do not resort to guesswork while tracing the Kirkland underground plumbing leak to its source.

Rely on none but us for dealing with any Kirkland underground plumbing leak issue, whether suspected or confirmed, in your property. Place a call now to schedule our services for:

  • Emergency leak detection
  • Water leak detection
  • Drain leak detection
  • Plumbing leak repair

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Kirkland Underground Pipe Leak


Having a job underway for Kirkland underground pipe leak detection and repair in your property can be pretty disruptive for your family or work life. Things get more challenging to deal with if you end up hiring untrained, ill-equipped, unprofessional or unscrupulous technicians for handling the Kirkland underground pipe leak issue.

Ensure your peace of mind by hiring us for the Kirkland underground pipe leak detecting and repairing. We come to your job with vast experience, proven skills and top-notch resources. Our plumbers have successfully resolved Kirkland underground pipe leak problems in properties of all types and sizes. The job sites they have worked on include:

  • Home underground pipe leak
  • Office complex underground pipe leak
  • Industrial unit underground pipe leak
  • Hotel underground pipe leak
  • School underground pipe leak
  • Hospital underground pipe leak

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