Check For Water Leaks Federal Way


Have you ever wondered why it’s hard to find or hear pipe leaks?
Small leaks with little water pressure make it hard to hear a pipe leak.

Compact grass lawns and dirt deaden the sound of pipe leaks.
And most pipes are behind walls or beneath the ground.
This can make the pipe or sewer line leaks hard to notice.

If your home or business is experiencing water leaks above or below ground then Thritway Plumbing will find your water leak and then repair any water leaks on your property.

Our leak check service quickly finds pipe and sewer line leaks.
A leak check service allows leaks to be found faster.

  • Detects Holes, Cracks and Separations
  • Finds Leaks Stemming from Corrosion
  • Camera Pipe Inspection

Water Leak Repair Federal Way

Water-Leak-Repair-Federal-Way-WAWe diagnose, inspect or repair water & sewer pipe leak sounds. We also listen for sounds that leaking pipes make. These sounds determine the size and strength of your pipe or sewer line leak.

If your water or sewer line has even a small pin hole leak it can over time cause major damage to your personal property and investment.

At Thriftway Plumbing we are a water & sewer leak repair specialist. We will offer you fast water leak remedies.

Have a professional inspect your potential water leaks and gain peace of mind knowing if your water or sewer line needs repair from a leak or not.

Sewer Pipe Leak Repair Federal Way


  • Whooshing
  • Splashing
  • Beating or Thumping
  • Clicking

These sounds represent the following water pressure reduction and other pipe leak clues. We provide leak checks for all types of piping systems.

Over 15,000 highly satisfied customers can’t be wrong.

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