Puyallup Underground Leaks


Have you observed signs of underground leaks in your Puyallup, WA property? Are you looking for proven pros to call for underground pipe leak detection? Let the search stop at Thriftway Plumbing.

Founded in 1980, our plumbing company specializes in finding and fixing Puyallup underground leaks. An undetected and untreated underground plumbing leak can lead to severe property damage. It is important that property owners stay alert to symptoms indicating the presence of Puyallup underground leaks somewhere in the plumbing system.

If you notice signs like unusually high water bills, a moldy smell, water puddles in yard or a wet basement, lose no time in calling us to check for Puyallup underground leaks. The issue could be concerning a:

  • Slab leak
  • Water main leak
  • Water service line leak
  • Sewer pipe leak

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Puyallup Underground Plumbing Leak


Tracing a Puyallup underground plumbing leak to its source is not easy. One problem is that the leaking pipe is hidden from view and buried deep in the ground. Another hindrance to locating a Puyallup underground plumbing leak is that water generally travels quite a way from the point of leakage before reaching the surface and becoming visible.

That is why Puyallup underground plumbing leak detection is best left to seasoned professionals like us. We use the most advanced, non-invasive techniques and technologies for finding underground leaks. You can trust us to locate Puyallup underground plumbing leak quickly, without digging up the yard or flooring extensively.

Hire none but us for:

  • Finding underground water leaks
  • Detecting a water leak in underground pipe
  • Finding a water leak in a buried line
  • Detecting water leaks underground

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Puyallup Underground Pipe Leak


In the rush of everyday life, it can be easy to ignore a Puyallup underground pipe leak in your home or commercial establishment. The negligence, however, can cost you a lot of money.

Be an observant and proactive property owner if you do not want a minor Puyallup underground pipe leak to burden you eventually with expensive property restoration. Let us help you have the Puyallup underground pipe leak taken care of while it is still small.

Contact us immediately if you suspect a Puyallup underground pipe leak in your property. We are available 24/7 to respond to your call for:

  • Underground leakage checks
  • Underground leak detection
  • Fixing underground pipe leakage
  • Underground leak repair

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