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When water leakages get deep in the vault, there is a great possibility that the water table can rise momentarily or permanently.

The melting of snow and accumulation of rainfall further raises the water table level.

The possible causes can also be hydrostatic pressure, blocked drains, or a failed footer drain.

Over time, the accumulation of sediments can also clog the drain pipes.

If drain pipes get clogged, the water table will increase and create hydrostatic pressure along the walls and under the basement.

Thriftway Plumbing recommends you install a new drainage or sewage system or install an outside/inside drain tile.

Unless it is possible to run a normal gravity flow drain and sewer pipe away from your residence, a sump pump will be required to expel the collected water.

  • Sewer Line Inspection
  • Sewer Repair & Maintenance / Trenchless Sewer Repairs
  • Hydro Excavating
  • Drain & Sewer Cleaning
  • Sewer Drain Repair, Installation & Clean-Out
  • Video Inspection

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