Trenchless Sewer Repair Redondo


There is nothing messier or dirtier than a clogged sewer. The sewer could be clogged due to damage to the pipeline, or due to debris or solids settling in the sewer. If you live in Redondo, WA an experienced sewer line repair company like Thriftway Plumbing, Inc. can help.

We provide high quality trenchless sewer repair services for Redondo property owners. We as an established plumbing company guarantee our customers high quality sewer line repair services at affordable prices. Our trenchless sewer repair services for Redondo property owners bring them the following benefits:

  • Faster work completion
  • Limited damage to the landscape
  • Cost savings
  • Better and longer lasting results

In addition to providing trenchless sewer repair to Redondo property owners, we also provide drain repair services and more; all at very competitive prices.

Sewer Line Repair Redondo


Often people are afraid of hiring a company for sewer line repair in Redondo because they do not want to destroy their landscaping. But we use a new trenchless sewer repair technique in sewer line repair for our Redondo clients. This does not destroy the landscape while still providing the desired results, and sometimes even better results. Our sewer line repair services for Redondo include:

  • Detection of leaks
  • Inspection by cameras
  • Relining of the pipes
  • Any and all damage repairs

Whenever you experience clogging of your drains or sewer, you can rely on our services. We are not only affordable but also the best in Redondo. We have all the necessary tools and equipment to carry out trenchless sewer repair, and can fix your problems in no time.

Drain Repair Redondo


Choosing the best drain repair service company in Redondo is not so difficult once you compare us to other companies. When you’r looking for a drain repair service company, you should always check the companies for:

  • Experience
  • Affordability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Reviews from the past customers
  • Education and certifications of their technicians

When you choose us as your drain repair service in Redondo, we can 100% satisfaction with our work. We aim to provide an entire system fix, and will cater our services to your specific needs.

If you are looking for sewer line repair for your Redondo property and seek the assistance of a reliable drain repair company, call us at 253-245-1245.