Emergency Plumbing Bothell


Thriftway plumbing has been serving the Bothell area with a local emergency plumber since 1982, providing a variety of on-call emergency plumbing services. Depending on your situation, our range of plumbing services can cover all your emergency plumbing needs.

While some emergency plumbers specialize in commercial, residential, piping, or sewer work, our Bothell, WA area plumber can deal with all kinds of plumbing emergencies. Our Bothell area emergency plumbing services cover the following:

  • Pipe repair and replacement
  • Gas supply pipe repair
  • Water leak detection

Faulty plumbing and dripping pipes no longer need to be your concern when you use our emergency plumbing services, available at the click of a button. Our emergency plumber responds to the situation in the nick of time.

Emergency Plumber Bothell


Emergency-Plumber-Bothell-WAPerhaps, your toilet has a clogged drain, or the stench from a leaked sewage system or a cracked plumbing network has made your space uninhabitable. It is at these times that our emergency plumber can come to the rescue.

Our Bothell area emergency plumbing services includes the following:

  • Repair plumbing
  • Plumbing pipe and fixture replacement
  • Rebuild plumbing
  • New construction
  • Remodeling

With the availability of an experienced emergency plumber looking after your pipes, your plumbing headache can be banished for good. Whether it is a complex kitchen model or just a general plumbing issue, our emergency plumbing services cover it all.

Choosing our emergency plumbing services in Bothell guarantees a solution to any unforeseen plumbing issues that may hinder your daily activities. Our emergency plumber ensures that your day-to-day life is unaffected.

Emergency Plumbing Services Bothell


Emergency-Plumbing-Services-Bothell-WAPrice Busters Plumbing has been looking into and solving emergency plumbing issues with the help of their emergency plumber since 1982. The plumber we send will be experienced in solving all your emergency plumbing issues.

We have a history of keeping our customers satisfied through our emergency plumbing services by solving all their emergency plumbing problems. Our emergency plumber is called out every day, often at seemingly odd hours, but is always ready to help Bothell area residents.

All of our emergency plumbing services are:

  • Insured
  • Licensed
  • Bonded

The next time you have an emergency plumbing issue in Bothell area, feel free to call our emergency plumber for any of our emergency plumbing services.