Kent Underground Leaks


Are you looking for an expert to find and repair underground leaks in your Kent, WA property? If so, then you have reached the right place. In business since 1980, Thriftway Plumbing has grown to become one of the most trusted contractors for dealing with Kent underground leaks.

An underground pipe leak is a serious plumbing problem. If undetected and untreated for a long time, Kent underground leaks can cause a lot of property damage. There is also the risk of health issues from mold growth resulting from delay in repair of an underground plumbing leak.

What makes matters worse is that it is very difficult to trace Kent underground leaks to their exact source. This is where we come in! An experienced full-service plumbing contractor, we are proven pros at:

  • Underground leak detection
  • Underground leak repair
  • Underground leakage checks
  • Fixing underground pipe leakage

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Kent Underground Plumbing Leak


Any Kent underground plumbing leak is not immediately visible. The leaking pipe is hidden from view, deep in the ground. Moreover, water from underground leaks travels far the point of leakage before coming to the surface as damp patches on the floor.

You should be alert to indications of a Kent underground plumbing leak such as unexplained hike in water bills and the sound of running water even with all the faucets off. You need to act fast if you suspect that there is a Kent underground plumbing leak on your property.

Call us for Kent underground plumbing leak detection at the earliest signs of a problem. We send experienced plumbers with cutting-edge equipment for finding and fixing the:

  • Underground water pipe leak
  • Underground water leak
  • Underground water line leak
  • Underground plumbing leakage

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Kent Underground Pipe Leak


We understand that a hit-and-trial approach cannot be used when it comes to the detection of a Kent underground pipe leak. It will simply not do to have our plumbers go about digging up the yard or flooring to find the source of a Kent underground pipe leak!

That is why we have invested in the most advanced tools and technologies for Kent underground pipe leak detection. You can breathe easier knowing that our plumbers will use non-invasive techniques to locate a Kent underground pipe leak in your property.

We respect your property and strive to keep it damaged while finding the:

  • Water leakage
  • Sewer leak
  • Gas line leak
  • Slab leak

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