Drain Cleaning Services for University Place Home and Business Property


Homeowners of University Place, WA may struggle with a clogged drain every now and then because they delay contacting drain cleaning services. Pipes and drains tend to get clogged with dirt and other substances which make drain cleaning inevitable. The best way for University Place residents to unclog a drain is by going for professional clogged drain services.

We, at Thriftway Plumbing Inc., are industry leaders serving University Place. We have been providing services to clear a clogged drain for over 3 decades. We can unclog a drain by making use of advanced tools and techniques. Our drain cleaning services serving University Place come at affordable prices. Choose our University Place drain cleaning services for the following reasons:

  • We provide damage-free drain cleaning services
  • We offer drain cleaning services 24/7
  • Our drain cleaning professionals are skilled
  • Our drain cleaning services in University Place are budget friendly
  • We immediately cater to your needs for drain cleaning in University Place

You Don't Have to Live With a Clogged Drain in University Place


Our clogged drain cleaning services in University Place can quickly save you from the trouble you’re in. Our professional drain cleaning experts employ advanced techniques when we unclog a drain. When you choose our services to unblock a clogged drain in University Place, expect the following from us:

  • Insured services to clear a clogged drain
  • Honest services to clear a clogged drain
  • Written guarantee of our service to clean-out a clogged drain
  • Emergency services to unclog a clogged drain
  • Professional help to unclog a clogged drain in University Place

Why Should University Place Residents Choose Us to Unclog a Drain?


Homeowners can choose us to unclog a drain in University Place because we have a skilled drain cleaning team. Our clogged drain plumbing experts are experienced and ready to unclog the drain. Go for our services to unclog a drain in University Place because:

  • Our team uses motorized drain snaking tools to unclog the drain
  • We employ CCTV drain cameras to unclog the drain in University Place
  • We successfully cater to your needs to unclog the drain
  • We offer damage-free service to unclog a drain
  • We can use hydro jetting systems to unclog a drain

University Place residents can call Thriftway Plumbing, Inc. at 253-245-1245 to get more information on our drain cleaning services. Our experts can efficiently unclog a drain by using the latest equipment. You need not live with a clogged drain for long with our timely service.