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No matter where your house is, I’m sure that if you’ve lived there for longer than a few years, you’ve run into a clogged drain, or needed to perform drain cleaning on one drain or another in your home. Normandy-Park-Drain-Cleaning-WA

Homes in Normandy Park may be larger than some homes, but a drain is still a drain. And no matter how hard we try, at one point or another, we’ll need to repair drains or at least unclog them.

Thriftway Plumbing is here to help. We have been serving our local Normandy Park community for over 25 years now, and have built many friendships and customers all around you.


• Local Normandy Park plumber

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• Over 25 years experience in the Normandy Park area


When it comes to something as necessary, and unglamorous as drain cleaning, fixing clogged drains, or repairing drains, don’t take it lightly. Clogged drains that are not taken care of right away can lead to a ton more damage. Normandy-Park-WA-Repair-Drain

Call the Affordable Plumber. Call Thriftway Plumbing today and let us show you why we have been a part of the Normandy Park community for over 25 years.