Des Moines Underground Leaks


Since 1980, Thriftway Plumbing has been the go-to plumbing expert for residents and businesses in Des Moines, WA who experience underground leaks in their water and gas lines. Des Moines underground leaks can cause costly damages to the structure of your building and serious health hazards.

If you notice higher bills and diminishing water pressure, you should contact our certified professionals to examine whether you have underground leaks in your water lines. Through a video scope inspection, we can identify any Des Moines underground leaks in your pipelines without requiring excavations.

If you suspect you have Des Moines underground leaks, our licensed plumbers offer:

  • Water line inspection
  • Water leak detection
  • Water pipe repair
  • Emergency gas leak repair

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Des Moines Underground Plumbing Leak


Having a Des Moines underground plumbing leak creates inconveniences across the entire property. An underground plumbing leak will disrupt your everyday activities by affecting all the features that rely on your water supply. Our affordable Des Moines underground plumbing leak detection and repair services guarantee that everyone in our community can protect their property and families from the consequences of an underground plumbing leak.

Whatever the nature and severity of your Des Moines underground plumbing leak, we have the experience and equipment necessary to eradicate it. We can successfully repair any Des Moines underground plumbing leak including:

  • Underground sprinkler system
  • Underground water pipeline
  • Underground water tank
  • Underground sewage system

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Des Moines Underground Pipe Leak


Through the years, we have encountered many Des Moines underground pipe leak situations. We have the experience and qualifications to confront any underground pipe leak, whatever its source and location. Upon inspection, our knowledgeable plumbers will quickly assess the cause of the leak and provide the most efficient solution. In many cases, an underground pipe leak can be fixed by resealing your water connectors or draining clogged pipes.

When the pipes are corroded or cracked, the Des Moines underground pipe leak may be irreparable, or not worth repairing. In that case, our friendly plumbers will suggest a pipe replacement to ensure you will not experience another Des Moines underground pipe leak again.

Trust that our plumbers will know exactly what to do in the event of a Des Moines underground pipe leak by offering:

  • Pipe repair
  • Pipe replacement
  • Pipe cleaning
  • Full or partial repiping

Call Thriftway Plumbing to get the best Des Moines underground pipe leak solutions.

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