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Broken pipes are a clear sign you need immediate emergency plumbing service.  Since 1980 Thriftway Plumbing has provided emergency plumbing service to the Des Moines, WA community.   Emergency-Plumber-Des-Moines-WACall today for a emergency plumber!

Thriftway Plumbing is a Des Moines area emergency plumber that is affordable and ready to get your plumbing system back in working order.  Thriftway Plumbing is the go-to Des Moines area plumber.  We thoroughly inspect, repair and replace broken pipes.  If you you own a home or have a business in Des Moines, WA and need an emergency plumber then we are an affordable alternative for residential, commercial and industrial plumbing pipe problems.

•    Broken Pipes
•    Leaky Pipes
•    Faucets and Sinks
•    Sinks, Tubs and Showers
•    Water Lines
•    Toilets
•    Garbage Disposals
•    Water Heaters

Broken Water & Sewer Pipes • 24/7 Emergency Plumber

emergency-plumber-des-moines-waBroken water and sewer pipes can happen, stress, age and time can cause pipe leaks between your pipes and joint connectors.  Broken pipes must be fixed.  If not, they can lead to higher water bills and more expensive plumbing repairsThriftway Plumbing will come out and fix any broken pipes on your property.  You can count on thorough water line and sewer line repair.  If necessary we’ll replace your entire water line or sewer line. 

Stop costly plumbing problems with Thriftway Plumbing.

•    Broken Pipe Repair
•    Pipe Replacement
•    Residential Broken Pipes
•    Commercial Broken Pipes
•    Industrial Broken Pipes

Pipe Leak Detection • 24/7 Emergency Plumber

How do you stop stubborn pipe leaks?  Thriftway Plumbing uses pipe leak detection to find your pipe leaks.  We use a special video camera to find your pipe leaks.  Pipe leak detection stops the need to guess where your pipe leaks are.  With pipe leak detection we can find where and how to stop pipe leaks.  Say goodbye to pooling water and other plumbing problems.  Prevent a call to a emergency plumber! 

Contact us about our pipe leak detection today.

•    Video Camera to Locate Pipe Leaks
•    Avoid Future Pipe Leaks
•    Stops Common Pipe Leak Problems
•    Underground Pipe Leak Detection
•    Sewer and Water Lines

Rid your home or business of broken or leaky pipes.  Contact the Affordable Plumber today!