Leak Detection Woodinville


Detecting plumbing issues such as a water leak, is not easy, especially in the case of small pipes or pipes hidden behind the walls.

Many home owners are generally unaware of small water leaks that may be damaging their property in more ways than one.

Thriftway Plumbing, Inc. is the #1 plumber for leak detection in the greater Woodinville, WA area.

Keep your home or office free from hazardous water leaks by calling The Affordable Plumber, Thriftway Plumbing, Inc. to immediately fix your water leak before it becomes a much larger problem.

Trust The Best Leak Detection Company in Woodinville.

Our skilled workforce, extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of leak detection are the factors which make Thriftway Plumbing Inc. a reliable name you can trust.

We specialize in commercial and residential water leaks.

Thriftway Plumbing, Inc. has been the plumber of choice in the greater Woodinville area since 1980.

  • Water Leak Detection & Repair
  • Sewer Leak Detection & Repair
  • Underground Sewer and Water Leaks
  • Re-Piping
  • Mold & Mildew Removal
  • Toxic Waste Removal

There is no water leak detection and repair job too small or large for Thriftway Plumbing, Inc.

You can count on our skilled technicians and quality services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Water Leak Detection Woodinville

Water-Leak-Detection-Woodinville-WAAny size of water leak in your home or office is a urgent issue and requires immediate action to avoid causing further damage.

A water leak in your sewer or drains will damage your property by affecting the walls, floors and even lead to the growth of mold and mildew if not taken care quickly.

The damaging effects of water leaks can continue even after a plumber has fixed it if the post clean-up isn’t handled properly.

Thriftway Plumbing, Inc.’s water leak technicians guarantee 100% satisfaction on all of their workmanship.

Do not let what may seem like a minor issue go unchecked.

A minor water leak can quickly turn into a nightmare for home and business owners.

Not only will your utility bills continue to sky-rocket, but the value of your property is at stake as well.

Underground Leak Detection Woodinville

Underground-Leak-Detection-Woodinville-WAThe reliable team of professionals at Thriftway Plumbing Inc. are ready to assist customers with underground water leak issues efficiently.

As soon as you inform us about a possible underground water leak issue in your home or office, we deploy our finest water leak detection system.

Our experts will arive at your home or office and quickly analyze the underlying cause of the problem by using the most advanced underground leak detection equipment available.

Their timely intervention and thorough understanding of underground water leaks makes them indispensable to people living in Woodinville, WA.

You can count on The Affordable Plumber to provide efficient underground leak detection services.

The experts are just one phone call away.

Call Thriftway Plumbing, Inc. today!