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Water is one of the most precious and also one of the most wasted natural resources.

Hundreds of gallons of water go to waste every day.

A 0.5 millimeter leak in a pipe can waste up to 125 gallons of water a day!

Leaking pipes are caused due to several reasons:

  •  Drastic temperature shifts
  •  Improper installation
  •  Old age
  •  Corrosion
  •  Inconsistent water pressure
  •  Inferior piping material

Water leaks can exist undetected for extended periods of time and the source of most are not exactly where the leak surfaces.

The experienced team of water leak detection technicians at Thriftway Plumbing use precise leak detection equipment and advanced technology to pinpoint water leaks to the original source.

We are able to remedy the water leak correctly the first time, while saving you thousands of dollars in possible future repairs.

Water Leak Detection Seattle


No matter how insignificant they may seem, water leaks are not to be taken for granted.

Untreated water leak problems can cause a myriad of problems for property owners.

  • Wood Rot
  • Flooring Damage
  • Ceiling Damage
  • Peeling Paint
  • Electrical Damage
  • Health Hazards
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Insect Infestations

The experts at Thriftway Plumbing know that even the most common untreated water leaks can result in thousands of dollars worth of repair.

Seattle water leaks are usually ignored until a pipe bursts, flooding everything around it.

It is usually at this time that property owners run for help, but typically it is already thousands of dollars into needing repaired.

But have no fear!

Just as emergencies are prone to occurrence at any point in time, the team of experts at Thriftway Plumbing are also available  24×7 for water leak detection.

However small the minor leak in the sink in the bathroom might seem, it is very important to have The Affordable Plumber conduct water leak detection services to pinpoint the source quickly.

By tending to what may seem like a minor water leak in a timely fashion, Seattle property owners will save themselves thousands of dollars in the future by keeping it from turning into a major problem.

Underground Leak Detection Seattle


The experts from Thriftway Plumbing bring superior underground water leak detection services to property owners in Seattle at an affordable price.

Our certified experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Let us pinpoint the exact location where the repairs must be made using the latest underground leak detection equipment while saving yourself valuable time and money.

With the expertise, experience and technology needed to fix any plumbing problem, Thriftway Plumbing’s underground water leak detection experts are available day or night to bring property owners in Seattle high quality underground leak detection, maintenance and repair services.

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