Emergency Plumbing Medina


Thriftway Plumbing, Inc. has been serving the Medina, WA area with our outstanding plumbing services since 1980. We provide many on-call emergency plumbing services for the Medina area with a very short turn around time. Our master emergency plumber has extensive knowledge, practice and experience of most of the plumbing issues that may crop up at anytime.

Our emergency plumber is adept not only with commercial and residential sewer work and piping, but he can also deal with all types of plumbing contingencies. The goal of our plumbing services is not only is the problem resolved, but does not occur again.. We provide the following services:

  • Gas supply pipe mending
  • Water leakage detection
  • Pipe repairing and replacement

Out-of-order plumbing or leaking pipes cannot afford be your concern, and with our timely executed emergency plumbing services for Medina properties we make sure the issue is resolved quickly.

Emergency Plumber Medina


Maybe your toilet has become plugged, is leaking, or there are other plumbing problems that are driving you crazy. This is exactly the time when you need our emergency plumber serving the Medina area. Depend on the services of our emergency plumber helping Medina residents with:

  • Repairs in plumbing
  • Pipes and fixture replacements
  • Plumbing rebuilding
  • New construction plumbing needs

Dispel your plumbing woes immediately when our emergency plumber for your Medina property comes to your rescue. From most common plumbing problems to complex kitchen drain issues, our expert plumbers can manage everything quickly and efficiently. Choosing us for your plumbing problem solutions saves your property from future damages and issues. Our quick services render no disturbance to your daily routine.

Emergency Plumbing Services Medina


It has been many years during which we have seen and solved hundreds of plumbing problems through our faultless emergency plumbing services for the Medina area. Trust our emergency plumber to free your property from the issues of faulty plumbing. We have a great reputation among our customers for the satisfaction we provide to them with our emergency services.

Our emergency plumber is never reluctant to serve you, even during the most difficult hours of the day or night. Our emergency plumbing services for Medina properties are administered expertly in a short span of time and also are:

  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • Bonded

We keep quality as our priority in our affordable emergency plumbing services for Medina properties.

Feel free to call Thriftway Plumbing, Inc., for emergency plumbing services for your Medina property at 253-245-1245.