Lakewood Residential Plumbing


Call Thriftway Plumbing when you want to fulfill your residential plumbing needs in Lakewood, WA, at the most affordable prices. By giving us a chance to be your residential plumbers, you will always be happy because we provide permanent solutions.

You can hand over any Lakewood residential plumbing job to us, and we will complete it to the best of our capabilities. Also, if you are unsure which type of Lakewood residential plumbing services will suit your property, you can still hire our team for analysis.

We will inspect your plumbing system and offer solutions according to the requirements. We are experts in Lakewood residential plumbing services, such as the following:

  • Residential water line replacement
  • 50 gal water heater installation
  • Water leak detection
  • Residential sewer line repair

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Lakewood Residential Plumbers


We have heard many stories where customers have felt disappointed while hiring Lakewood residential plumbers. This is because of the quality of materials used during the project. However, our residential plumber will ensure that only robust materials and supplies are utilized. This gives us an upper hand in being one of the leading Lakewood residential plumbers in the area.

Our Lakewood residential plumbers can work in different areas, unlike many other service providers. Therefore, whether you need outdoor plumbing services or have issues with the internal system, you can rely on us to fix everything.

If you are wondering why you should give us a chance, you can learn the reasons by talking to us. Our Lakewood residential plumbers get called time and time again for the given jobs:

  • Residential sink pipe repair
  • Lavatory faucet installation
  • Threaded pipe replacement
  • Under sink plumbing

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Lakewood Residential Plumber


Our company will not only offer you Lakewood residential plumber services for big homes, but also apartments. If you have an off-grid home, you can consider our residential plumbing services as well. Whatever the scenario, we always try to reach your location quickly as your preferred Lakewood residential plumber.

Even though we provide same-day services for our Lakewood residential plumber, we charge you in an affordable manner. We aim to provide expert assistance without stretching your finances. This is also why you should count on us the next time you require a residential plumber.

Whenever the need for any of these jobs arises, you can call our Lakewood residential plumber for:

  • Bathroom drain unclogging
  • Shower faucet repair
  • PVC sewer pipe installation
  • Blocked toilet repair

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