Leak Detection North Tacoma


Higher than usual utility bills can indicate a serious water leak issue.

If you are noticing unusually large utility bills, but do not have an explanation for it, you possibly are experiencing a water leak that you are not even aware of.

Thriftway Plumbing specializes in leak detection and can quickly get down to the source of the problem for you.

Since 1982, we have been the plumber of choice in the greater North Tacoma area for providing affordable and accurate water leak detection services.

Water Leak Detection North Tacoma


Water leaks are a drain on your pocket book.

A water leak left untreated will not only lead to higher water bills but can also affect your property adversely.

We offer a comprehensive range of plumbing services to our clients in North Tacoma.

From basic water leak detection to major plumbing problems, we have the expertise and proficiency to deliver excellent underground leak detection services.

Once the process of leak detection is complete and the underlying reason causing the problem has been found, we provide the solution quickly and efficiently.

Thriftway Plumbing guarantees to complete the project accurately so save you from any recurring expenses and minimizing your water loss.

By hiring the proficient services of Thriftway Plumbing, you no longer have to worry about getting your plumbing system checked and repaired again and again.

Underground Leak Detection North Tacoma


A trusted name in providing the most efficient underground leak detection services, Thriftway Plumbing is a company that you can rely on.

We can help to restore your residential space or commercial area by making it completely free from plumbing issues.

Even the most difficult to locate water leaks can be easily detected with our advanced underground leak detection equipment.

Spending money on expensive water leak detection and repairs again and again can drain you financially.

Hire the professional services of Thriftway Plumbing today to guarantee accurate underground leak detection and repair.

By detecting the actual problem on the first attempt, we not only save you time and money but also ensure your peace of mind.

By constantly updating our underground leak detection services, we strive to keep you safe from recurring plumbing issues and from unnecessary expenses.

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