Leak Detection Parkland


Parkland superior leak detection services!

No one understands the importance of property maintenance like the owners.

The ability to make smart maintenance choices is vital to prolonging the life of the property.

We at Thriftway Plumbing do not believe in merely patching over a problem and ignoring it, when there is an underlying issue that could escalate into a much more damaging problem.

We invite our customers in Parkland to experience the advantage of our acclaimed expert leak detection services.

An untreated water leak can end up cause major damage to the structure of the property.

Certain types of toxic mold can develop in building areas with leakage, leading to very serious health problems for the occupants.

Mold is a major irritant for the respiratory system.

The dampness brought on by a leak also attracts insects, which may lead to a sever infestation in the property.

Water Leak Detection Parkland


The certified experts at Thriftway Plumbing know that even if a water leak does not become a major threat to your property, any leak in the plumbing throughout the building is unnecessarily wasteful since owners/tenants end up paying hard-earned money for water services with most of it being wasted.

Thriftway Plumbing performs completely non-invasive water leak detection, meaning that we never resort to property damage till the origin of your leak has been pinpointed, helping property owners save thousands of dollars in property repair costs.

Underground Leak Detection Parkland


There is a very good chance that property owners are not sure of the exact location of a water leak on their property.

Especially since modern architecture places the plumbing system under concrete, under the property’s flooring, within walls or otherwise deep within the building’s infrastructure.

This results in great difficulties trying to access these areas which are affected by the water leak.

Fortunately, Thriftway Plumbing has brought its expert water leak detection services to its customers in Parkland.

Our licensed experts will help isolate the exact location of the water leak using the latest leak detection equipment, allowing property owners to get the leak in question fixed as easily and cost-effectively as possible.

With the expertise, methods and the tools needed to fix any problem, Thriftway Plumbing’s leak detection experts are at your service 24×7, bringing you guarantee-backed maintenance with quick, long lasting repairs at prices that suit all budgets.