Drain Cleaning Federal Way

Drain-Cleaning-Federal-Way-WADrain cleaning can be much more of a hassle than you really think about if it is handled incorrectly or with the wrong tools. Many people will try to unclog their own drains by using draino or other such harsh chemicals to try and “eat” away the clog. Not really thinking about the repercussions of what they are doing.

Think about it, to accomplish your drain cleaning, you are about to pour a harsh chemical that will eat through the blockage, down your drain. Don’t you think that it might do some damage to your plumbing? Or at very least, do some damage to the environment?

If harsh chemicals were really the answer, plumbers would be out of the drain cleaning business. But as our record shows, we have been helping Federal Way with Drain Cleaning for almost 30 years now.

Clogged Drains Federal Way

Clogged-Drains-Federal-Way-WAOur Journeyman plumbers have been highly trained in the use of something called a rooter snake. This tool is not for anyone and if used improperly can lead to serious injury. Yes, they do rent them at your nearest rental agency, but please heed my warning before you try and make your drain cleaning a do it yourself project.

The body of the rooter snake can get wound very tightly up as it attempts to feed down the drain, and in turn, snap back violently. This whipping motion has been known to break bones as well as leave a few bruises. This just goes to show, that saving a few dollars on a do it your self drain cleaning project, may not be worth it.

Some times a drain cleaning emergency can lead to something worse. Sometimes a drain pipe has been invaded by spider web sized roots; this is especially true with out door septic drain pipes. If your drain has been clogged by these roots, and you try yourself to unclog it, you may actually damage your pipe and end up having to replace the entire thing. Of course this is going to end up far more expensive than it would have been to just call your local Federal Way Plumber and have your Drain Cleaning done right the first time. Not to mention the money you might save on all the collateral damage that might occur when we need to open up your landscaping or walls to fix the pipe that has been damaged.

Don’t wait until after you’ve damaged something else, call the authority in Federal Way Drain Cleaning today. Call Thriftway Plumbing and have the true Drain Cleaning professional save the day!

Drain Repair Federal Way

Drain-Repair-Federal-Way-WADrain Cleaning in Federal Way, like in any other city, doesn’t have a “good time” to happen. However, unlike other cities farther away, Federal Way has the perfect choice when it comes to Drain Cleaning. Thriftway Plumbing has been serving the Federal Way area for almost 30 years now, and is known for their prompt service, honest and reliable journeyman plumbers, and they are available for not only your every day plumbing needs, but also for your emergency drain cleaning needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Federal Way Plumber

“He is a wonderful representative of your company.”

“Jose provided an accurate/cost efficient bid and thoroughly explained the work to be performed.  He also explained the different options available to me which allowed me to make an informed choice.

Pat did the actual installation and worked in a very professional fashion.   I had a few questions during the course of the installation and Pat took the time to show what he was doing.

He is a wonderful representative of your company. I was very appreciative of his attention to detail and considerate manner. In the future, I will contact Thriftway  for my future plumbing needs. ”

Rating: 5.0

– Jon

Federal Way, WA

January 4