Leak Detection Ballard


At Thriftway Plumbing, we know that water leaks can not only be very difficult to identify, but can be even harder to tackle if the right initiatives are not taken at the right time.

Water leaks are an often overlooked wastage that can end up significantly raising the water bill for a property.

Most water leaks are found in rooms with plumbing such as bathrooms and kitchens.

An effective way to detect water leaks is turn off every water outlet before leaving home for a fixed time period, noting the reading on the meter.

If upon return, the meter has still registered usage, then this indicates a leak in the system.

The severity of the leak can be judged by the amount of use shown in the new reading.

Even small water leaks can cause huge losses because the right precautionary measures are not taken in time, allowing them to develop into more property damaging problems.

In today’s world where costs of living are constantly rising, property owners in Ballard can now at least keep safe from this particular tension if you activate a water leakage detection system.

Water Leak Detection Ballard


Untreated leaks can affect your property in more ways than one.

  • Untreated leaks can result in extremely high water bills
  • Leaks cause damage to wooden floorboards in your home, distorting them, leading to structural problems
  • Leaks result in the growth of various fungi, which result in health problems for the occupants

Underground Leak Detection Ballard


Thriftway Plumbing’s underground leak detection experts bring their 24/7 emergency plumbing services to your doorstep with just one phone call.

We are ready to serve our ballard clients allowing them to experience peace of mind by bringing the best water leak detection services right to their doorstep.

Combining their expertise with the latest technology, they make sure that property owners do not have to face any large scale water damage due to the escalation of ignored leakage.

Thriftway Plumbing’s underground leak detectionexperts provide repairs and services which are designed to take on any size and type of plumbing problem.

The experts employed at Thriftway Plumbing are fully certified and licensed to carry out professional underground water leak detection.

Call us today to receive a fair and obligation free estimate for our easily affordable services!