Bothell Underground Leaks


Any time you doubt there are underground leaks in your Bothell, WA property, call us at Thriftway Plumbing. When there is an underground plumbing leak, it can cause havoc in the foundation of your property. The easiest way to avoid such issues is to get your Bothell underground leaks fixed right away.

However, if you do not want your Bothell underground leaks to occur frequently, you should hire a professional team. It is where we step into the picture and offer seamless leak repair service. Our team has a record of working with utmost precision in all situations. In addition to Bothell underground leaks, we can even fix:

  • Sprinkler system leak
  • Pool water leak
  • Basement leaks
  • Wall and ceiling leaks

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Bothell Underground Plumbing Leak


We guarantee that your Bothell underground plumbing leak will be repaired by only the most experienced contractors in our company. Moreover, the material we use while working on your underground pipe leak repair will be of the best quality.

It means you do not have to worry about a thing until you hire us as your plumbers to fix a Bothell underground plumbing leak.

Also, our team is certified to work on commercial and residential Bothell underground plumbing leak repairs. If you want to ask a few questions before we start working on your job, you can call our phone number without wasting another second. Here are some of the Bothell underground plumbing leak types we can repair.

  • Underground PVC pipe leaks
  • Underground copper pipe leaks
  • Underground concrete pipe leaks
  • Underground galvanized pipe leaks

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Bothell Underground Pipe Leak


We primarily use a trenchless repair to fix your Bothell underground pipe leak. It means our team would not have to dig up your yard to repair underground leaks. Moreover, you can contact our company even when you need emergency Bothell underground pipe leak repair services.

Our crew members are always ready to dispatch and will ensure that your Bothell underground pipe leak situation is resolved at the earliest. To get free estimates for your job, we recommend sharing the details with our experts right away. If you need any of the given Bothell underground pipe leak services, contact us for:

  • 24/7 leak detection
  • Same-day leak repair
  • Urgent leak service
  • Slab leak detection

Call Thriftway Plumbing for fixing a Bothell underground pipe leak!

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