Emergency Plumbing Capitol Hill


We at Thriftway Plumbing Inc. have been providing our customers in the Capitol Hill Area with efficient emergency plumbing services for over 30 years. Each of our staff members is trained in a number of emergency plumbing services and is capable of assisting or resolving the various types of plumbing issues that they may come across. We are open to residents of the Capitol Hill area 24/7 and we have an emergency plumber who’s on call to promptly fix or maintain your various plumbing needs.

  • Emergency plumbing services are just some of the several types of services we offer
  • Our emergency plumber is available 24 hours to residents of the Capitol Hill area
  • Our emergency plumber specializes in many areas of plumbing
  • Emergency plumbing services are only a fraction of the many services we provide

Emergency Plumber Capitol Hill


The emergency plumbing services that we at Thriftway Plumbing Inc. offer to residents of the Capitol Hill, WA area are provided by our emergency plumber who is available to our customers 24/7. Whether it’s an eroded water pipe or a gas leak, our emergency plumber is trained to repair the damage and if necessary replace the faulty components to complete the job for residents of the Capitol Hill area. Our emergency plumber is equipped with the tools to properly detect the cause of the damage and fix the problem, as well.

  • Gas line repairs and supplies are also a part of our emergency plumbing services
  • Our emergency plumber is certified to restore or re-pipe cracked and broken pipes
  • Detecting the source of the problem is one of the many services of our emergency plumber

Emergency Plumbing Services Capitol Hill


For years our trained staff have provided the residents of the Capitol Hill area with fast and efficient emergency plumbing services. We’ve been providing our customers with professional plumbing services for their home and businesses since 1982. Emergency plumbing services that are offered to customers in the Capitol Hill area may vary from a simple installation of a hot water heater to more complex work entailing plumbing installation and maintenance of your business premises.

  • Our emergency plumbing services are reasonably priced
  • We offer rebuilding and remodeling options in plumbing services to our customers
  • Our emergency plumber is also licensed to perform commercial plumbing service