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Since 1980 Thriftway Plumbing has provided relief to customers that are in need of broken pipe repair in Seattle, WA.  If you own a home or a business in the Seattle area then we can help you to get your water supply system back in working order.  We provide same day service and can help to prevent broken or a burst pipe from causing flooding throughout your property.  Our plumbers have all the tools and supplies and are equipped to restore the water or sewer system for both residential and commercial broken water/sewer pipe customers.   Broken-Pipe-Repair-Seattle-WA

• Frozen Pipes
• Flood Prevention
• Emergency Pipe Repair
• Emergency Plumber

• Broken Pipe
• Crack in Pipe
• Burst Pipe
• Broken Pipe Underground

If your homes pipes are blocked then it can cause pressure to build up and this can happen in new or old homes.  Whether you are facing a new construction project or have a older home and it has a broken pipe we can help you to resolve your problem.  Perhaps your plumbing  was poorly jointed or it collapsed under your drive way,  our slab leak repair experts can help you with under slab sewer or water leak repair.  Once the leak is detected we then can perform any pipe repair to your sewer line or water line.

• Sewer Pipe Repair
• Water Pipe Repair
• Drain Pipe Repair
• Septic Pipe Repair

Broken pipes never seem to occur in a easy or accessible location.  We have repaired broken pipes just about everywhere possible above and below ground.  Our goal is to get our customers property back in working order.  We consider ourselves an Affordable Plumber in the Seattle, WA area.  You can trust that your broken pipe will get fixed and back in working condition and at a reasonable price.  Call the Affordable Plumber today!