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Water heaters 20 years and older are more likely to leaking and bursting. And water heater failures are one of the top 5 water losses for your home. Contact Thriftway Plumbing for complete water heater installation and repair.

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Did you know 69% of water heater failures are a result of a slow leak or burst?
Consistent and slow leaks, cause water damage and energy bills for your home or business.

Remove the risk of potential fires, costly leaks and water damage.
We provide professional water heater installations.

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Gas or Electric Water Heater Repair


Poorly maintained water heaters will cause leaks, corrosion and irritating fumes.
It can also affect water pressure and loss of heat for your hot water.
Keep your water heater parts working properly with our water heater repair service.

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We Service, Repair & Install all Water Heater Brands

We will install or repair any of the popular water heater brands. Our water heater installations are done properly to maximize safety, performance and energy efficiency.  Does your water heater need basic service or maintenance?  Perhaps your water heater needs an important repair so that it works effectively.  In some cases your water heater might need to be pulled out and hauled away and we might then have to install a brand new water heater.  Either way, we are affordable and easy to work with.  We look forward to helping anyone that might need our service.


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