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Remodels and New Construction Re-Piping

Thriftway Plumbing offers the best re-piping services for remodels and new construction projects.

Remodeling and new construction projects add value to a home or community.

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Our remodeling and new construction re-piping offers safe, reliable and durable plumbing.

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Bathroom Remodel Re-Piping

Old galvanized or steel pipes end up leaking. Water damage can occur in your bathroom floor or sub-floor. Your bathroom toilets and sinks can have pooling water at their bases.  If you already are going to remodel your bathroom you might as well re-plumb the entire bathroom and re-pipe your bathroom.  If you don't consider re-piping your bathroom during this initial stage it could cause a troublesome problem dilema for you later on.  While you are in there contact a re-piping expert and get your bathroom remodeling project completed 100%. 

We’ll replace your old, leaky and corroded pipes with our bathroom remodel re-piping.

Bathroom Design and Remodeling
Toilet Repair and Replacement
Bathroom Drain Repair
Leak Checks
Toilet, Sink and Faucet Repair

While remodeling your kitchen you should consider re-piping all of your kitchen pipes.  

Kitchen remodel re-piping insures your kitchen sink, dishwasher, drains and pipes work properly. Leaving old and faulty kitchen pipes intact increases the risk of under-the-sink and floor water damage.  Thriftway Plumbing is a kitchen repiping expert and if you are considering doing a complete job you might as well do it right and re-plumb all of the kitchen pipes in your kithen area. 

remodeling tacoma, seattle, kitchem bathroom, thriftway plumbing, plumbers, kent, auburn, renton


Improve the function of your kitchen with our kitchen remodel re-piping.

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Galvanized, PVC & Copper Re-Piping Specialist

Older homes and apartments or office buildings often require re-piping services.
Quality pipe materials will protect you and tenants from long-term plumbing problems.
From water heater tanks to plumbing design we’ve got your new old failing water and sewer re-piping needs covered.

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