Pipe Sludge Cleaning Pipe Sludge, Debris & Corrosion Removal

Pipe sludge cleaning removes pipe sludge from your sink, tub, shower and dishwasher drains. The pipe sludge is made of various substances and debris. These include grease, oil, hair, toothpaste and soap particles.  Most plumbers don't disclose this type of service and what could be a simple fix would turn into a complete re-piping project.  At Thriftway Plumbing we are experts at removing all the debris in the way of having clear water or sewer lines. 

Traditional drain cleaning methods aren’t as effective when pipe sludge is too thick.



Pipe sludge can cause a host of inconvenient problems.

Drain Back-Ups
Embarrassing Drain Odors
Sludge Coating on your Pipes
Low Water Pressure


Our pipe sludge cleaning service removes smelly and embarrassing pipe sludge.

• Clears Drains for Easy Water Flow
• Eliminates Embarrassing Odors
• Destroys Pipe Sludge Build-Up
• Quick and Thorough Service

Over 15,000 highly satisfied customers can’t be wrong

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